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I’ve always been passionate about writing and singing. Words and music can create an atmosphere like no other. I'm impressed by the influence that this creative art has on people and the decisions they make in life. I love engaging, inspiring, and encouraging others. Roman 12:8 says "If you have the gift of encouragement be encouraging...”


My passion for writing and speaking was birthed out of using my life experiences to encourage, inspire and uplift others. Royalty was written to bring clarity to the "TRUTH".. Our true identity is connected to our divine destiny.

So often  we Uber through life feeling less than, and accepting the same. Why? For the purpose of seeking acceptance and oblivious to our position of ROYALTY... We are unaware of our true identity. Therefore, we accept less than God intended. At one time in my life this was my plight. My life took a turn for the best when I realized that my creation, all by itself, meant that I was born with the stamp "ACCEPTED".... I am an original creation.... not a carbon copy of a great original; "An Original"... I realized that I was created on purpose; for purpose. God has a plan and a purpose for every one of us... He has plans for us to prosper... and to give us a future filled with hope. Expect the best... and never settle for less. (Jeremiah 29:11) You are Royalty... That's how He sees you!


 Royalty/ That’s How He Sees Me (2017)

Royalty is an inspirational and empowering book written to bring clarity to every reader that our "True Identity" is connected to our "Divine Destiny". Every chapter is filled with insight to enlighten and provoke a desire to pursue all that God has made available to us... A "Royal Inheritance". 

 Royalty Declarations is a 21-Day Devotional that reveals the strong magnetic connection between the Word we read, and the words we speak into the atmosphere. The spoken word has power; what we possess will follow what we confess. The power of life and death is in our tongue. So, if we want to change what we see, we must begin to change what we say. Declare the Word of God!  



 Living in freedom requires the ability to move forward and live forward. 

"Ashamed No More" is a guide to a pathway of shattering shame...and living in freedom...

 freedom that God provided through the message (and the power) of the cross. 


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"Our true identity is ROYALTY... Our worth is VALUABLE! 

When we understand our value we will refuse to accept less than God indented. It's called "knowing your worth."

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Know Your Worth!!

You Are An Original... Your print has PURPOSE!!!


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 "Wow and thank you" are words that come to mind as I read this book. "Wow" because the author reassures us about Christ's unconditional love for us and how important it is for me to remember that I am made in His image. "Thank you" because the author guides her readers to the pathway of establishing true identity in Christ. I would highly recommend this book to those who may be unsure about their purpose in life and identity in Christ."    

 S.Williams, Dallas Tx

"What an amazing read! This book has reminded me of who I am, and how our father sees us despite any flaw! A book that every young girl, and older woman should get their hands on. Life changing!!! "

B. Recard, Lafayrtte, LA

" Renee  has a unique God-given 

ability to bring clarity of God’s promises, His plan, and His purpose to the hearts of His people. She is committed to helping build God’s Kingdom one soul at a time." 

R. Mckenzie, Dalllas, Tx

"I believe that this book  will help you begin to take a fresh journey to understanding the greatness, beauty, and significance just waiting to be discovered within every reader... Love it.."

B. Barnes,

Bridgett Barnes Ministries 

Bakersfield, CA


"You will be so blessed by this book as you are encouraged to pursue your God-given dreams and purpose while being empowered by a true revelation of your value and worth in Christ. Renee is not only passionate and inspiring, she is full of wisdom and insight-and will challenge you to never let anything hold you back or keep you from your destiny! "

Pastor Alicia Hankins Moran

Metro Life Church, 

Lafayette, LA


Renee Minor Johnson is such a gifted and passionate minister of the gospel of Christ. In Ashamed No More, she brings forth a powerful message of the importance of inner healing and embracing your true identity in Christ.  This life-changing message will empower you to walk in your God-given authority and true freedom. The solid truths of this book will lead you to turn any hurt of your past, to a purposed filled life lived boldly for Christ.

Pastor Darnell Anthony Cook

Lighthouse Family Church,

 Lafayette, LA

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ROYALTY...That's How He Sees Me

Broussard, Louisiana, United States